Tactical Citizen trains citizens in our community to have the confidence and skills to defend themselves and their loved ones when the unthinkable happens.









Be Alert

Be Ready

Be Tenacious

Shooting after mass shooting, then a school shooting; we all watch the chaos of these events unfold with what seems like ever-increasing frequency. Politicians take to the news and begin a campaign against law abiding citizens and the Constitution of the United States. They attack guns themselves yet fail to introduce any real solutions to make our public (and our children) safer. This is where it ends. We, the people, ARE the solution. By arming and educating our citizens in both self defense and the defense of others, they will refuse to be victims and the terrorist that continue to strike fear into the hearts of our citizens will lose their power.

There are always many questions that go unanswered after these shootings take place and there are many complex layers at play, we will not pretend to believe there is a simple answer. However, our responses must change. They must adapt. They must begin to actually mitigate loss of life and post incident confusion instead of sinking our public into further panic. We believe, the answer lies in arming those in positions to take action quickly and safely; the answer lies in creating citizens embedded with the skills and confidence to take courageous action in moments of peril.

We unfortunately cannot completely stop shootings, criminals and killers; however, we can take charge of our own lives and gain the confidence through training and preparedness to take action when the unthinkable takes place. This concept has set into motion a plan to help bring everyday tactical solutions to the citizens to affect change and increase public safety.

The skills, mindset, and tactical solutions we teach to our Tactical Citizen students will give them equalizing power, they will empower the people of our communities to take action. We teach action over reaction. We teach students that they can protect themselves, their families and their communities.

The Story

Over the Years


Basic Training

USMC Basic Training
San Diego, CA (MCRD)


First Deployment

31st Marine Expeditionary Unit
Maritime Special Purpose Force (MSPF) Trailer Platoon
Security Element Training
Special Operations Training Group



Operation Enduring Freedom
3rd Marines



Operation Iraqi Freedom
3rd Marines
Al Anbar


Embassy Security

U.S. Embassy Security Group
Mexico City, Mexico
Ndjamena, Chad (MCESG)


 Embassy Command

Assistant Detachment Commander of the U.S. Embassy
Dublin, Ireland (MCESG)


Weapons Instructor

Immersion Training Site Manager & Foreign Weapons Instructor
San Diego, CA


Bozeman, MT

President of Tactical Citizen
Certified Firearms Instructor
Chief Range Safety Officer


Belgrade, MT

Grand opening of our new training center in Belgrade, MT. Over 2,400 sqft of indoor classrooms and training space


329 High K Street
Belgrade, MT 59714


Training Locations

Live Online Training
Tactical Citizen Training Center