Basic Trauma First Aid Course

This course is a basic trauma first aid course. The primary focus will be on the Individual First Aid Kit (IFAK). The course will cover the contents & proper use of items in the IFAK. Students will be in a classroom setting with media presentation as well as practical application of the covered techniques throughout the instruction period. This course will also give students the tools to create their own IFAK or know what to look for when purchasing one. With safety being the number one focus at our company’s core, this class will aid you and your family to operate safely in your everyday lives. The information you will learn during the instruction will translate to all activities. While our primary focus is firearms, the lifesaving equipment covered in this course will translate to all aspects of life. From hunting, hiking, and even to the household. Traumatic injuries can happen any time. Having a basic understanding of the medical equipment in your Individual First Aid Kit can be the difference between life and death.

DISCLAIMER: This Course may discuss disturbing & graphic content due to its medical nature.

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Be prepared to safely manage and treat injuries. Accidents can happy anywhere. Stay ready to treat injuries with the content of your Individual First Aid Kit (IFAK).

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Dylan Hitt

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