Do you have a Concealed Carry Permit? Are you thinking of getting one?

Do you want more training in the practical use of your firearm before taking on the responsibility of carrying for self defense?  We have the right training solution for you.

When you attend SafeDraw, you will learn different proven tactical techniques to defeat the paralyzing effects of an unexpected violent encounter.

In SafeDraw, students will be subjected to many of the same stressors encountered in a real fight but in a controlled and safe environment. Tactical Citizen students will receive one-on-one instruction during training to ensure each student has learned, executed, and proven the ability to retain the information in an immersive training scenario.

After completion of SafeDraw students may find interest in more of our Immersive Training classes. Students who complete any of our training programs will earn the title of Tactical Citizen. Be alert. Be Ready. Be Tenacious. 

This is not a live fire course. See our upcoming classes below.


There is no written test for this course however each student will be tested on their practical knowledge as well as their ability to adapt and overcome.



329 High K Street
Belgrade, MT 59714


Training Locations

Live Online Training
Tactical Citizen Training Center