TacticalTeens (13-18) is an introduction to pistols & rifles utilizing airsoft replica pistols & rifles. TacticalTeens will emphasize gun safety. Focusing on proper and safe firearms handling procedures. Students will learn the fundamentals of shooting. Proper grip, proper stances, breathing techniques, etc.

Students will be challenged on their knowledge, skills, and mindset during practical application. Small, medium, and large targets will be engaged at various distances. TacticalTeens is fun, safe and a great way to increase gun safety and shooting skills.

We will have snacks and drinks available for purchase at Tactical Citizen Headquarters at 329 High K Street in Belgrade, MT.

TacticalTeens is a weekly class for only $30.00 per class.

Tactical Teen memberships are only $50.00 per month.

TacticalTeens memberships includes discounts on all Tactical Citizen classes, apparel, gear, events, and competitions. Parents of TacticalTeens members will receive a 10% discount off any adult classes.

Teens who complete any of our training programs will earn the title of TacticalTeen. Be alert. Be Ready. Be Tenacious.

This is not a live fire course.

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Teaching teens the fundamentals of firearms. Laying the proper groundwork for an expansive firearms education



329 High K Street
Belgrade, MT 59714


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